The Campaign

In November, our network partner SW International launched the global campaign “Unite for Change”. All SW member companies worldwide participated in various charity projects at the kilo.

Each firm was able to decide for itself whether to support fundraising campaigns (generate donations) or even “hands-on projects” of employees. Through voluntary or charitable activities, the campaign aims to interact with local communities.

SW Germany also participated in this project and would like to inform you about our action.

From 21 to 27 November 2022, every kilometer counted!

Moving and really moving are close together in this action.

In the 47 calendar week, all employees collected their km run via any app and entered their results in a dedicated portal.
Every form of movement was counted, such as walking, hiking, walking together in a team, running and of course also “walking with the dog.”
For each registered kilometer the participating locations donated 1 euro to “die Tafeln” on site.

Why the Tafeln?

The Tafeln are represented over 960 times in Germany, in every major city. They rescue food that can no longer be sold and give it to people in poverty who cannot afford a healthy food.

The result - Thanks to the runners

More than 140 participants collected more than 5,661 kilometers in one week and we were able to donate EUR 5,661 to “die Tafeln”. The odometer shows: Only together can we reach our destination! Thanks to all contributors! Because especially in times like these, it is particularly valuable and important to have supporters who transform responsibility into concrete aid projects.