Outbound - Bridge to china for european clients

What are your company‘s expectations?

Expanding into China will present your company with major challenges. Moreover, every company has different strengths and weaknesses, which calls for an individual approach. At SW Germany, we actively support you on this path with our expertise and solution-oriented approaches.

SW Germany helps you to implement your project in line with local legal requirements and in compliance with applicable (often complex) tax legislation. We also ensure you avoid tax pitfalls.

Cultural differences can present a major challenge for expanding companies. Thanks to the respective national companies of SW International, we have experts on site who work closely with our German and Chinese-speaking staff. We will assist you in overcoming linguistic and cultural obstacles, since the path to success often lies in literally speaking the same language as your partners – not only in terms of economics. That is why we see ourselves as bridge builders, supporting you in linguistic as well as cultural matters.

We provide you with advice and identify promising Chinese investors, business partners, customer contacts and M&A targets. Auditing and tax advice services are provided by our Asian SW partners.

SW Germany presents you with your structuring options when it comes to setting up or acquiring a business, while also supporting you in optimising existing investments, and much more.

Outbound - Our services

  • City and Zone Selection
  • Government Liaison
  • Process Facilitation
  • Suppliers
  • Distributors
  • Sales Agents
  • Manufacturers
  • Licensing Partners
  • JV Partners
Chinese M&A Target Search
Chinese M&A Target Search
Foreign Direct  Investment Consultation
Foreign Direct Investment Consultation
Cultural and Linguistic support
Cultural and Linguistic support
Business Partner Identification
Business Partner Identification
Audit & Tax  Advisory Services through SW Germany
Audit & Tax Advisory Services through SW Germany